Hongyun Plastic Products Co. Ltd is one of the biggest manufacturers of disposable vinyl gloves in China. Founded in 2005, we currently utilize 12 advanced production lines and 16 machine which can produce various of vinyl gloves and PE/CPE products. Our headquarters and primary factory are located in Tangshan City where convenient routes to Tianjin port and Tangshan airport.

We at Hongyun Plastic share a global vision that along with medical and industrial development, more and more unknown technology adventure induces labor protection necessary and forced for each of us. We strive to build a trusty, comfortable and protective working environment for any glove user.

We are committed to producing high quality and low cost disposable vinyl gloves through innovating manufacturing technology and new product development.
So Hongyun will be your best choose!


With industry technology developing, our factory becams more and more automatic production, such as automatic temperature control system, automatic stripping system, automatic counting system and automatic dosing system etc. To be worth mentioning that in 2010 we set up a packaging and printing plant, which achieved cost savings and more conducive to packaging quality control. According to our rigorous cost management, ensure that we could provide the more competitive price to you

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With our founder’s extensive industry experiences, and learn from Malaysia and other industry-leading technology, Hongyun Plastic develop the latest generation of China’s glove production line. Relying on our unique automatic temperature control, stripping, spices system, we increase the production efficiency, and the output per unit time line is 30% higher than the same industry, with quality products the average weight is 10% lower than the same industry. Our factory is 250 kilometers away from Beijing airport and , and also only 1.5 hour drive from Tangshan Airport, it’s very convenient for the customer’s visit. So we can provide you the qualified product with a shorter delivery.

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Hongyun Plastic adhere to the high starting point, high-quality, brand-led development strategy, products of medical grade rate remained above 95%. we have been distinguished with approvals and certifications such as USA FDA, European CE, NSF, ISO 9002 and others international well-known third-party quality certification.

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