Our disposable gloves are regulated under two categories within the ‘AQL’ International Quality Standard; Medical or Non-Medical. ‘AQL’ is an abbreviation for Acceptable Quality Level and denotes a statistical measure of the consistency or quality predictor of manufactured goods. Within the context of disposable gloves this specifically refers to the prevalence of pinholes and the barrier protection confidence level. The lower the AQL number, the higher the quality of the glove:

An AQL of 1.5 or lower refers to a glove that is fit for medical purposes
An AQL of 4.0 refers to a glove that is fit for non-medical or industrial purposes
Medical grade gloves provide a more effective barrier and are therefore better suited for higher risk or more demanding applications. We also supply high quality Sterile Vinyl Gloves and Sterile Latex Gloves which should always be used for invasive procedures. Our Standard non-sterile Latex, Vinyl and Nitrile Gloves all provide AQL 1.5 medical grade quality at prices that reflect fantastic value for money.

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Vinyl Gloves are manufactured from Polyvinyl Chloride Plastisol and are a popular choice for users who find themselves sensitive to Latex proteins or allergenic compounds. The material itself is extremely soft and provides a snug and comfortable fit.

Vinyl gloves provide a reasonable resistance to oil and grease, but are not as strong or as resistant to tearing as Latex or Nitrile gloves. For this reason, they are often used for lower risk non-invasive procedures. We supply a range of Blue Vinyl Gloves which are ideal for use in catering applications and our Economy Medical Grade Vinyl Gloves are our most cost-effective disposable gloves, from as low as £1.40 per box of 100!

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