Solid partnership for your brand and success

We are very pleased to inform you that Hongyun Plastic is now being introduced as Disposable Gloves Product OEM Service will be continued with enhanced operation improvement.

We strongly believed that this newly adjusted management and operation within the company will provide each one of our partners a customized path to your success and satisfaction.

Following information are only the outline of how we will align with you:

We have more than your expected capabilities
We do our best to satisfy you with more than your needs
We will deliver what we have committed

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Again, welcome and let us to achieve your success together!

Capability and Advantages

More than your expectation; Better than your needs.

Design and development service;
Completed design control process.
12 production lines for various kind of disposable vinyl gloves, total capacity reached 1.2 billion pcs
2casting machines and 16 glove machines for CPE products.
Strict raw material sources and quality control;
Certified brand and strictly forbid reused materials.
Full-ranged certified laboratory facilities:
Performing all necessary tests in-house.
Efficient ERP-aided management system;
IT-aided office and operation automation
Pursue semi/full automation in production;
Reducing hand touch contamination and cost
Cost-effective and reliable logistic operation;
Treating every trivial process as important tasks.
Active and responsible customer services;
Prompt response and update with solution